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Yes, Dads Get Lice Too!!!

Lice live on the human scalp to survive. They suck blood for their food every 2-3 hours and their eggs nest on the warm scalp before they hatch in about 5-7 days. A lice egg is the size of a grain of sand and an adult lice is the size of a sesame seed. Lice…

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If you have lice eggs, you have lice!

It is common for people to call us and say they are not sure if they have lice since they don’t see anything crawling around but they do see eggs in their hair. If a person has lice eggs in their hair then they have an active lice infestation! An adult louse lays 5-7 eggs…

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How to Identify Head Lice

How to Identify Head Lice “One of the biggest reasons that head lice spread among children is silence,” Marlene Weiss, owner of Los Alamitos Lice Removal and Torrance Lice Removal, explains. “Parents don’t talk about it, and they are unprepared when they discover their child has head lice, and often waste a lot of time…

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