Mom refuses to get rid of her daughter’s head lice because she’s vegan

Usually, when your child gets head lice, you desperately try every method to try and kill them, ASAP.

But one Aussie mom has taken the opposite approach — she doesn’t want to harm the nits AT ALL.

And her bizarre reasoning will leave you scratching your head… (are you doing it yet? Same.)

According to a concerned parent who wrote in an advice column, her neighbor won’t treat her daughter’s lice because she’s vegan – and vegans don’t kill living things. 

She explains: “My seven-year-old daughter is best friends with the girl next door, whose family are vegan. That’s fine; we respect their choice… my problem is that recently this otherwise delightful child was at our house and scratching furiously, and I discovered she was crawling with head lice.”

The vegan mom said she would comb the lice into the garden “where they had the best chance of survival.”Getty Images/iStockphoto

After mentioning the nits to the girls’ mom, the mom said she was aware of them but didn’t want to harm them as vegans don’t kill living things. 

“She told me she was in the practice of combing the lice and nits into the garden where they had the best chance of survival,” the poster continued, “and my jaw hit the floor.”

She then asked the advice columnist what she should do now. “I don’t want to separate the kids but there’s no way ‘combing them into the garden’ is going to work (industrial-grade pesticide barely works) and I don’t want my daughter covered in vermin.”

The agony aunt told the poster what she really thought – that the other mom was a “sanctimonious twit.”

She then went on to say she was actually a “monster” who was condemning the nits to a “slow and painful” death as they wouldn’t be able to survive in the garden. 

Then, she jokingly advised the poster to take matters into her own hands and set up the bathroom to “play hairdressers” and remove the lice herself.