Yes, Dads Get Lice Too!!!

Lice live on the human scalp to survive. They suck blood for their food every 2-3 hours and their eggs nest on the warm scalp before they hatch in about 5-7 days. A lice egg is the size of a grain of sand and an adult lice is the size of a sesame seed. Lice do not care if you are a boy, a grown man, a grandfather, what you do for a living, if you have had lice before or never before, and how short your hair is. As a result, if you have any hair at all, you can get head lice! The only person that cannot get head lice is a bald person.

For your protection, we require all immediate family members to get head screened within 24 hours or less in order for the person we have treated to to qualify for our optional 30 day lice free guarantee. Lice do not hop, jump, or fly. They only crawl. So you get head lice by your hair touching another person’s hair that has head lice. Dad’s with children under 12 are particularly at risk of getting lice from their child because they are still having plenty of head-to-head contact with their children. We find that dad’s get head lice about 20% of the time when their child has lice. Very often, dad’s have to be “persuaded” by mom to come in and get screened because there are certain stereotypes about lice such as only females get head lice or mom tells us that she screened dad and she knows he does not have it or that he shaves his head every week. Nevertheless, for your protection, we require dad to be professionally screened by one of our certified technicians. No matter what anyone tells us, we always approach it that all immediate family members are guilty and have lice until we prove them innocent and that they are in fact lice and egg free. They will finally be persuaded to come in for a head screen and 2 out of 10 times we will find lice or eggs on the dad and confirm an active lice infestation on dad. Now you know!

Torrance Lice Removal has successfully head screened and treated over 30,000 families from all over Southern California since 2015. We have a 99% success rate and can get you lice free in about 1 hour. Lice do not care what you do for a living, the color of your skin, or how much or how little you make: We have successfully treated dads representing all types of occupations and profiles: NBA basketball players, school principles, City Mayors, TV anchormen, Firemen, Doctors, Lawyers, Home Dads, Construction workers, Store Clerk, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Felons, and Police Officers.