If you have lice eggs, you have lice!

It is common for people to call us and say they are not sure if they have lice since they don’t see anything crawling around but they do see eggs in their hair.

If a person has lice eggs in their hair then they have an active lice infestation!

An adult louse lays 5-7 eggs every day for about 17 days before she dies. That is a total of about 75 eggs.  Not all lice eggs will hatch but if they do hatch, they have to hatch within 5 or so days which means the lice infestation can get bad really fast even if just 20% of those lice eggs hatch. Very soon the person will have 10-15 live adult lice crawling around. This is very common because the lice eggs are so hard to see-they are the size of a grain of sand.  As a result, getting rid of the lice eggs is by far the biggest challenge to end a head lice infestation. Unlike an adult louse, lice eggs do not move, are glued to the hair strand, do not breath so they cannot be suffocated by outside product, do not cause itching.  Adult louse live only a total of 30 days before they die.  If you are treating yourself and miss even one lice egg, the infestation can continue for days, weeks, months, and even years.

Lice eggs are primarily composed of water. Torrance Lice Removal has a proven, 5 step chemical free process that focuses on dehydrating the lice and their eggs. We have a 99%+ success rate backed by our optional 30-day lice free guarantee.