Lice Combs

Lice combs have been around for tens of thousands of years. For example, they have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.  Lice combs don’t kill lice but they remove them and they can be very effective in removing head lice. There are basically two different types of lice combs. Plastic combs have short, closely spaced teeth. These types of combs can be found in popular over-the-counter shampoos sold at drugstore. Another comb is a more expensive version that has long, metal teeth. Those are bonded in a plastic handle that is easier to grip. Lice combs really work but they take patience, accuracy, and time. Combing out head lice can be very time consuming and they can be painful. If a mother is combing lice out with one of these combs it does create a lot of tension around the hair and can cause a lot of stress between a mother and a child. Lice combs are used widely by professionals that treat head lice and they use various types during their procedures.  A key part in our treatment process is for our certified head lice technicians to use a high quality, stainless steel lice comb to remove the debris and dead, dehydrated eggs after treatment.