Simple Pricing for a Complex Problem

We charge a flat rate of $195 per treat, $185 per person for a teacher or military member, and $175 per person for 3 treatments or more.  We find a flat rate is simple for both sides and it also makes sure you know exactly what you will be paying.   Our treatment time can take as quick as 1 hour and as long as 2 hours or even more. The reality is when a family calls us, no one really knows how long the appointment will take and we never know what will walk through our clinic door.  In our almost six years of being in business and doing over 35,000 treatments, as you might imagine, we have seen it all!   

Someone can have really long hair and a mild infestation and someone can have shorter hair and a severe infestation.  Often times, someone will call us and say “I found just a few eggs in my daughter’s hair” only for us to find that their child has a severe infestation over 100 eggs when we head screen them.   

In fact, about 70% of the people that come to our clinic have a severe infestation for a number of reasons:   The first is an adult-lice lays 5-7 eggs every day for about 2 ½ weeks for a total of about 85 eggs per adult lice.  The second reason that most people have a severe infestation when they come to us is they usually cannot see the lice or the eggs. An adult-lice is the size of a sesame seed and a lice egg is the size of a grain of sand.  Complicating things even more, the lice egg does not move and is glued to the hair strand (which is why they are call nits). So not only can the person not see the lice eggs, chances are the infested person has had lice for 2-3 weeks before they even notice they have lice. By that time, each adult louse has laid over 85 eggs. All lice eggs hatch within 5-7 days and become live adult lice.  The third reason most people that come to us have a severe infestation is that most people do not realize we exist or think that the over-the-counter shampoos such as RID or NIX work. So most people spend weeks, months, or even years trying to treat the head lice infestation themselves because they think this is the lowest cost option or did not know we exist and they still have lice. What’s more, they typically use a low-quality lice comb so when they try to comb out the eggs, the comb does not pick up anything.  

Family owned Torrance Lice Removal has a 99%+ success rate and uses a proven, chemical free treatment process to dehydrate the lice and their eggs.  We have a team of certified head lice technicians and we also offer an optional 30-day lice free guarantee on all of our Signature Treatments. If the person we treat gets lice again for any reason at all within 30 days, we will retreat that person free of charge.