Five Reasons Why Your Child’s Lice Keeps Coming Back!

*(Hint: Chances are that it never left)

1. Lice Resistance to Chemicals-When a family member gets head lice, most people run to the local store and rely on products full of chemicals that no longer work. The lice have mutated and are now resistant to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos.

2. Relying on outside product such as Mayo, Olive Oil, or Tea Tree Oil.  An adult-lice has six sphericals to breath and can be suffocated.  So outside product can kill an adult lice some of the time but it will do nothing to the eggs since lice eggs have a protective shell that product cannot penetrate.

3. Combing Out Yourself and Missing and Egg.  Other families that know the chemicals do not work or are bad for your hair so they spend hours combing out the lice and their eggs themselves.  An adult louse can be suffocated, die, or transfer to another person’s hair. However, getting rid of a lice eggs is the biggest challenge of ending a head lice infestation.  Combing out yourself takes time, patience, accuracy, and a high-quality comb. An adult louse lays 6-8 eggs a day every day for about 17 days.  So that is a total of about 75 eggs per adult lice.  Lice eggs are the size of a grain of sand, do not move, are glued to the hair, and do not breath.  A lice egg hatches within 5-7 days. So all you need to do is miss one lice egg and the lice life cycle can continue for days, weeks, and even years.

4. Shaving their hair and thinking the problem is solved. Although less hair does make for an easier comb out versus long hair, the reality is that a lice egg is so small all it needs is just a short hair strand. We have certainly treated our share of dad’s and son’s who have shaved, “#1” hair and hundreds of lice eggs.

5. Re-infested by another person. Lice is spread through head-to-head contact so you get lice from someone else. Most often, it is a family member or close friend.  Even if you get yourself lice free, you can still get infested right away, most often by the person that originally gave it to you. Lice do not care if you have had lice before.   All they care about is that you have a warm scalp for their eggs to nest on and blood for them to feed on

Torrance Lice Removal has a chemical free, 5 step process that can get you lice free in about 1 hour. We have a 99% success rate.  We provide an optional 30-day lice free guarantee as long as we have head screen immediate family members to confirm they are lice free. We will retreat the person again if they get lice for any reason beyond our control within 30 days of being treated.