Pediculosis Treatment

Pediculosis is the medical term for a head lice infestation.  How do you treat head lice or pediculosis?  You have the option of doing it yourself with various products that I will talk about or you can get it done professionally by someone that knows how to do it and can do it quickly. The oldest and still effective way is to buy a louse comb. You can buy suffocation products. These are products that suffocate the hatched lice but have no effect on the eggs since they have a protective shell that product cannot penetrate. Pesticides are over the counter or prescription products that are full of chemicals but widely used. These are usually neuro toxins or other types of chemicals. There are essential oils like tea tree oil, various spices that you can try. They have various effectiveness.  If you seek professional treatment, our clinics offer a comprehensive and proven 5 step process that is chemical free, takes about 1 hour, has a 99% success rate, and comes with our 30 day lice free guarantee.