Lice Suffocation

One of several different classes of methods for killing head lice is suffocation. Lice suffocation is possible because lice breath air through the sides of their body in devices called spiracles. If you can plug up these spiracles you can literally suffocate the lice to where they can’t breathe and in a matter of several minutes or many hours you can call them.  You may have read about or even tried mayonnaise as the classic suffocation product and mayonnaise does kill lice through suffocation. It might take an overnight application to work but it can work as can vasoline and olive oil, products like that that can completely coat the lice.  There are less messy and less time-consuming ways to suffocate lice. Some of these are commercial product that might be available off the shelf or some of these are prescription products and others can be found online.   Some of these are FDA regulated products but usually they are not FDA regulated.  They are more homeopathic or herbal remedies that are in a suffocant based formula.  We offer a chemical free lice suffocation oil that kills the lice in about 15 minutes or so.  Very important! Be aware that if you choose a suffocation treatment for head lice,  that these have a very tough time penetrating the egg shell.   Eggs don’t breath as a general rule so you aren’t killing the eggs when you use a suffocation product, you are only killing the live lice so if you are only using a suffocation process you will need to do multiple treatments and wait for those eggs to hatch, put the  suffocation on a second or third time to catch the head lice after they have hatched out.