How To Get Rid of Lice Eggs

If you are asking that question you are asking THE most important question for treating head lice. Why? Because lice eggs are very small-the size of a grain of sand, they are glued and bonded to the hair shaft very close to the scalp, outside products cannot penetrate their shell, and they do not move. If you treat head lice with suffocation product or over the counter shampoos, more often than not they will not do anything to the lice eggs. Lice combs can remove lice eggs but it takes time, patience, accuracy, and a high quality lice comb. And it can drag out for days and weeks with no guarantees. Our professional lice removal clinics offer a comprehensive and proven 5 step treatment process do dehydrate the lice and their eggs, comb out the dead dehydrated eggs, and apply our lice suffocation oil as a final step.  This is a photo of a normal egg glued to the hair shaft on the left and in this particular case this egg was crumpled and dehydrated after going through our process.