What Color Are Lice and their eggs?

Head lice and their eggs tend to vary in color. From yellow to white to tan and they can be even brown when they are adults as they feed on the human blood.  As an egg, they tend to mostly be yellow, clear, or tan in color. Many times they look like the color of the hair they are on. Hatched nits or eggs are often clear or white in appearance and they tend to look like dandruff. Unlike dandruff, lice eggs are glued to the hair shaft and you can take your fingers and slide them along the base of the hair shaft and you will feel the egg is stuck to the hair. Whereas if it is dandruff or hair gel product it will come right off. Being able to tell if the if the lice eggs are stuck to the hair shaft is one way you can tell if you have lice or not. Of course, the other sure way to tell if you have lice is if you see a live louse crawling around the hair.