Lice Shampoos

When people talk about head lice shampoos, generally what they are talking about is a product that is a shampoo or a cream rinse or a gel or a moose or some other oil type formulation that you mix in with your hair that is used to kill head lice. These products are usually available on-line or over-the-counter at a drug store or they may be a prescription that you get from your doctor or pharmacist. These are used at home usually and applied in the hair and left in the hair anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight. The ingredients and effectiveness vary quite a lot so you will want to read up on the solutions available.  Be careful that you read, observe, and follow the instructions on the product so that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some of these products are pesticides that actually kill the lice. Some are effective and some have lost their effectiveness over time because of pesticide resistant lice strains or Super Lice that you might have heard about that are popping up all over the world.  Some of the lice shampoos are more of an herbal based or home remedy that may include essential oils or other ingredients that are not necessarily pesticides but still have some efficacy on the lice.  Others are products that tend to surround the lice and smother them so they cannot breathe.   But a lot of these products do not do much against the lice eggs. It is important that you understand the limitations of the product. If you need to apply it a second time after a week or 10 days to catch the eggs that have hatched and make sure those get killed as well.  You do have other solutions if you are not prone to using a lice shampoo. There are good quality lice combs on the market that are mechanical method of getting rid of the lice and eggs. They can be time consuming but they do work fairly well if you are persistent with it.   Another popular option is to use professional lice treatment services. Our professional lice removal clinics follow a comprehensive treatment process that is chemical free, has a 99% success rate, and will get you lice free in about 1 hour.