Hollywood Stars Caught with Head Lice

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Hollywood stars seem to be in a class all their own. Glamorous makeup artists, personal stylists and hairdressers even make them appear much more beautiful and refined than everyday, normal people. Think of some of your most loved actors and actresses. What would you think if you heard they’d been battling a nasty case of head lice? It is more of a reality than some might believe. After all, celebrities are just people, too. However elegant or wealthy they seem, they are just as susceptible to some of life’s most appalling experiences.

Jennifer Garner blames old lice episode for missing Clooney's wedding

Jennifer Garner

Blame it on the lice! Jennifer Garner faulted the little critters for not getting an invitation to George Clooney’s Venetian wedding.

The “Men Women & Children” star who at the time was married to Clooney’s “Argo” collaborator Ben Affleck, stopped by “The Tonight Show” and explained her family’s absence from the lavish affair last weekend.

The mother of three recalled a story from “years ago” when the couple’s kids had a lice infestation and passed it along to the whole family. (“Stars, they’re just like us!” she quipped.)

Then, one day, after the elaborate hair oiling treatment that left them smelling like a mixture of “sulfur and rosemary,” Affleck suggested that they go to a party. The “not high-maintenance” actress agreed — doing a killer impression of her Boston-bred husband.

“So, I’m like, what’s the big deal? No one’s going to notice. … I was so used to it. We go, we show up and the first person I see is George Clooney, and I’d never met George Clooney. I was kind of like, ‘Ah, he’s so handsome! Like, oh, my God!’ So, I see him and I walk up to him and I’m chatting with him, just trying to act like it’s cool. I chose [to grease my hair]. And I can see that he smells me, you know? But he’s trying to be polite,” Garner said.

“So, anyway, people keep asking why we weren’t at George’s wedding and we were both ‘working’ but I think he didn’t want Licey there,” Garner quipped. “He’s like, ‘No, we don’t need the Afflecks. It’s OK!’ ”

Heidi Klum

Supermodels: They get lice from their kids, just like everyone else.

Heidi Klum, a supermodel, television personality, fashion designer and mother of four, revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she was just recovering from being covered in critters brought into their home by her children.

“I’m actually lice-free now, as of a few days ago,” Klum said, calling the experience “horrible.” “My daughter was itching and then she had to go to the nurse, and then they looked and sure enough, they found a little egg, and I mean they’re beyond small.”

It’s no surprise the Klum family fell victim, considering strains of lice resistant to over-the-counter remedies were found in 25 states last month. DeGeneres jokingly asked Klum, “Do you bathe?” Klum replied, “Yes, of course we do!”

Actually, bathing wouldn’t have even helped.

“Lice don’t care whether hair is clean or not and some sources even say they prefer a clean head,” NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar said. “Anyone can get lice, sadly.”


The Queen of Pop has been stealing the stage since the 1980s. As the highest grossing single artist of the 20th century, Madonna is quite literally a household name. According to Top News Press she also has dealt with a house full of head lice. As the mother of several small children, it is not a surprise that one of them brought home a case of head lice. Madonna reportedly said it was a difficult process to finally rid the home of lice and nits. She was afraid for quite a while to lay her head on the bed or pillows of her children.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was also a major iconic pop star from the 1990s to early 2000s. She has been deemed the Princess of Pop and is the best selling teenage artist of all time. As she reportedly struggled with a serious case of head lice she found the best solution was to finally just shave her head. As you can imagine, the media outlets had a field day posting pictures and guessing why Britney would do such a thing. According to those closest to her, she was fed up with lice and needed a quick solution.

Robert Pattinson

Robert began his career early on as Cedric Diggory in the ever popular Harry Potter movie series. He landed the role of Edward Cullin, the vampire heartthrob, for the Twilight movie series soon after. This caught the attention of millions of viewers and he became a massive star almost overnight. One of his most admired traits is his long, thick dark hair. On a television talk show with host Ellen Degeneres, Pattinson revealed he had shaved his head to ward off lice and nits. Fans were sorely disappointed to see his lovely locks gone, but also quite impressed he had the nerve to fess up to the problem.

Kelly Ripa

Live! With Kelly and Ryan is one of the most watched morning talk shows on television. Kelly has been a powerful figure in the media scene and was even named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the Most Powerful People in Media. She loves to talk about her family on her show and is very open about her daily experiences. One of those experiences she recounted for the audience is not one, but two different cases of head lice! With three small children at home, it is no wonder that one of them contracted head lice. Kelly is not alone! Adults with small children, usually between the ages of 3-12, are statistically much more likely to contract head lice than other adults. Children bring it into the home from school, daycare facilities, dance class, sleepovers, or anywhere else they have close physical interaction with other children. Way to go Kelly for sharing your story! Head lice shouldn’t be an embarrassing social blunder or mishap. It’s a fact of life anyone can deal with, regardless of pay grade or social status.