Treatment: Active Rinse Lice Suffocation Oil – 2 ounce bottle



Available for drive by pick-up 24 hours a day at our clinic medical box, in clinic pick-up during business hours, drive by pick up at our Seal Beach drive by pick-up spot (Seal Beach Blvd between Westminster and PCH) or by U.S. Mail 1-2 Day Delivery, minimum order $75 for free shipping or $5 for shipping

Our Lice Suffocation Oil works by plugging the nostrils of live lice.  It will kill live lice in about 20 minutes, however lice eggs have a protective shell that product cannot penetrate and it does not do anything to the lice eggs:  NON-TOXIC, SAFE & KID FRIENDLY, KILLS ACTIVE LICE, CONTAINS NO PESTICIDES, PLEASANT PEPPERMINT FRAGRANCE.  This product is great to apply prior to coming into our clinic for treatment, for family members when a person has lice in the family, as a preventative step if you are not sure if the person has lice or if a close friend has lice and you have been exposed, or for our do-it-yourself option. For do-it-yourself, you will shake bottle for 30 seconds and apply approximately two ounces to dry hair on day 1, day 5, and day 10. Lice live on the human head and like to live where it is warm so really focus on the scalp and the crown of the head.  Work the rinse into the hair until both the hair and the scalp are thoroughly saturated.  Product will sit in the hair for at least 20. minutes and be washed out with shampoo or dish washing soap to be completely removed. Completely dry the hair before beginning the comb out. You will need about two ounces for each application three different times. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Dimethicone