Preventative: Lice Mint Spray – 2 ounce bottle



Available for drive by pick-up 24 hours a day at our clinic, in clinic pick-up during business hours, drive by pick up at our Seal Beach drive by pick-up spot (Seal Beach Blvd between Westminster and PCH) or by U.S. Mail 1-2 Day Delivery, minimum order $75 for free shipping or $5 for shipping

Small enough to fit in your purse. SAFE & KID FRIENDLY, HELPS PREVENT LICE, CONTAINS NO PESTICIDES, PLEASANT PEPPERMINT FRAGRANCE.   Our preventative mint spray is a chemical-free and peppermint based formula use to repel lice and designed to last up to eight hours.  This product does not treat head lice but it is a valuable preventative treatment that can be sprayed on the head daily to ward off head lice and their friends. It can also be used on furniture and on the car.