The Claim: Washing hair with Coca-Cola will get rid of head lice

TWhile head lice is typically treated with special combs or professional head lice removal clinics, one social media user claims there’s an easier do-it-yourself remedy. 

A Feb. 25 Facebook post shared in a Homemaking Tips group claims Coca-Cola may “get rid of lice and nits FAST.”

The meme includes a checklist of steps to complete, starting with washing the head with normal shampoo and then saturating the hair from root to tip with a 2-liter bottle of Coke.

“Let hair dry without rinsing. When dry, rinse Coke out. You will be surprised at how many lice and nits fall out,” the post continues. 

Treating lice with Coca-Cola is a myth

The myth that Coca-Cola is an effective solution for getting rid of head lice first began circulating on the internet in 2016.

When it comes to natural treatment for head lice, you need to take advice you hear about or read about with a grain of salt.  Most of these treatments don’t work or aren’t safe options.”

Soda beverages lack the materials needed to eliminate a nit’s strong bond with a hair follicle. While soda includes phosphoric and citric acid, it has never been proven to help in removing lice from hair. 

“There’s also nothing special about the other chemicals in Coca-Cola that would make it toxic to lice, either. Sugar, caffeine, and caramel coloring would have no effect on the pests.”

Recommended treatments

The claim that washing your hair with Coca-Cola will eliminate head lice is FALSE, based on our research. There is no evidence to support this and it has never been proven that Coca-Cola can kill lice in the hair.

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