Yes! You can get head lice during COVID-19?

During this global pandemic, there are much fewer instances of being exposed to lice: no school, no choir, no sports, no cheerleading, no PE, no after school activities means less exposure to the outside world and head lice. Many people are also deciding to not go out as much for dinner, to visit friends, to travel. But even with all of that, you or your child can still absolutely get head lice during these times! Head lice do not know day of the week, time of the year, and whether there is a global pandemic or no global pandemic. All head lice care about is if you have a strand of hair for them to live on and suck blood every few hours from your scalp and a warm scalp for them to lay their eggs, have the eggs nest, and have them hatch within 5-7 days.

There is a reason why people are still getting lice even during this global pandemic. Some people feel if they are just with family members or close friends they can let their guard down. And that turns out to not be the case. We hear many families that we treat tell us that they have not gone anywhere since March but the reality of head lice is all that it takes is one person to have head-to-head contact with another person that has lice. Lice have six legs and they crawl over to the other person’s hair. Have you had any family members come over your house recently? Maybe cousins playing with cousins during a family backyard celebration? Have any of your children had a sleep over with a best friend? Have any of your children played with a friend where they held an ipad or iPhone together? Do you or your spouse work in a setting where you may have head to head contact with others? Have you recently hugged anyone? Have you recently taken a selfie with anyone? Have you slept next to your children after any of these times? These are just some of the ways you or a family member could get lice, even during COVID-19. Torrance Lice Removal has been successfully treating families from all over Southern California since 2015. We have a 99%+ success rate and our certified head lice technicians can get you lice free in about 1 hour. You know where to find us if the need arises.