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Established in 2015, our professional head lice removal clinic is family owned and operated. Treating lice yourself can be very frustrating, time consuming, and costly. You have over the counter pesticides, expensive prescriptions, and comb outs that take hours and most of these options are not even effective.  Lice have mutated over the years and have developed a resistance to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos   These products can kill the adult lice some of the time but do nothing to the eggs.  Prescriptions are very costly, are full of chemicals and don’t always work.  Combing out the hair manually can work but it requires hours and hours of tedious and frustrating combing.  Not only do you have to repeat all of these options multiple times but there is no guarantee any of them will work and even if were to work there is not guarantee for any of them if the lice comes back.  Due to the lice life cycle, you can have lice for days, weeks, months, and even years if your head lice infestation is not treated properly.

Almost every family faces lice at some point in their lives. Head lice has many myths, stereotypes, and causes shock and disbelief for many. No one wants head lice, no one never thinks it will happen to them, and getting lice never happens at a good time but it is much more common than you think.

Head lice is the second reason children miss school, behind the common cold. 1 in 20 US school children get head lice every year. Head lice are equal opportunity parasites that feed on the human scalp regardless of hygiene, income, ethnicity, day of the week, what you do for a living and if you have had lice before or never before. Lice don’t hop, jump, or fly. They only crawl. Head-to-head contact is the primary way that lice is spread.  Think selfies, hugging, and sleeping next to someone. Because lice is spread through head to head contact, lice is a family affair. Just half of the head lice infestations happen to school age children. The other half happens to parents, usually moms and older siblings.

Since our first treatment in 2015,  families representing over 850 different schools and 65 different cities throughout the Southern California region have come to our head lice clinic and left lice free.  Our proven, comprehensive 5 step Signature treatment process is chemical free, takes about 1 hour, has a 99 percent plus success rate, and comes with our 30 day lice free guarantee.  No follow-up appointment is required and we also provide you with a certificate of treatment to give back to your school.  Our Signature Treatment process can take as quick as 1 hour and as long as 2 hours depending on the length of hair and the level of infestation.  Although we do not provide services at people homes, we do provide on-site school, camp, and work head screenings and treatments.  

A head lice infestation can be frustrating, time-consuming, stressful, and yes, even heart breaking, but it does not have to be.  Our team includes highly trained, certified head lice technicians that are focused on delivering the highest standard of care for professional head lice removal.

We view ourselves as an Emergency Room for head lice and we exist to take care of your problem today in a relaxing, stress-free and clean medical environment.  We have a 100% customer satisfaction policy and our mission is to turn what can be a very stressful event into a pleasant family experience that is actually enjoyable for your family.  We know we have accomplished our mission when a mom tells me that her children want to get head lice again just so they can come back to our clinic.  

Our award winning clinic has been featured on major Southern California news outlets including CBS Los Angeles, ABC News Los Angeles, KFIAM 640 Los Angeles,  The South Bay Today Radio Show, The South Bay Daily Breeze, Univision Los Angeles, Hoy Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Seal Beach Sun, and the Press-Enterprise.

We are a recommended provider by pediatricians, school nurses, and cosmetologists from all around Southern California.  We are proud members of the National Association of School Nurses and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We support the communities we serve through lice education, lice head screening, lice treatment, community involvement, and donations of our services back to the communities we serve.

Torrance Lice Removal is located at 2050 Artesia Blvd in Torrance where the 91, 105, and 405 freeways all meet and our major cross streets are Van Ness and Western.   We offer same day appointments seven day a week.

Most families do not know where to turn to when they get lice and do not realize that a service like ours even exists.  So we are glad you found us. We have a solution that is SAFE. We do not use any chemicals. We have solution that is FAST. We can get you lice and egg free in about 1 hour. We have a solution that is EFFECTIVE. We have a 99% plus success rate along with our 30 day lice free guarantee.

On behalf of all of us at Torrance Removal, we are here for your family as your lice experts and we are here to get your family lice free so you can  Get Back to School, Get Back to work, and Get back to your lives!