About Head Lice in 400 Words (or less!)


Do professional lice removal services work?  Yes they do!  Our two professional head lice removal clinics have been in business since 2015 and have successfully head screened and treated over 30,000 families with a 99%+ success rate. Even better, we take flexible spending plans and healthy spending plan cards. Sometimes, even insurance covers it.  Does a Do-It-Yourself Option work? Yes it can, but it takes time, patience, accuracy, and a high quality lice comb over a period of 10 days.  There are many great ways and products to end a lice infestation but the key is to always stay chemical free and to focus on those eggs.  Lice eggs are glued to the hair strand and must hatch within 5-7 days.  A lice has a lifespan of about 30 days and hatches about 6-8 eggs a day for 2 ½ weeks before it does. Whatever path you choose, you need to balance your time with the amount of money you will spend and the level of effectiveness. Head lice removal costs can be as low as just a stainless steel comb to providers that charge hourly rates and hundreds of dollars.  We offer a do-it-yourself urgent care kit for $69 and a flat full service treatment for $175 that takes 1 hour and comes with a 30 day lice free guarantee.  Starting and operating a lice removal business is quite a challenge. Lice never happens at a good time, no one wants it, and some days it is very busy and other days it is very slow.  Here are some other products people have tried:  lice removal with olive oil, lice removal with cetaphil, lice removal with mayo, lice removal with conditioner, lice removal with essential oil, lice removal with RID, lice removal with NIX, lice removal with vinegar, lice removal with scope, lice removal with tea tree oil, lice removal with coconut oil, lice removal, with chemicals, lice removal with Listerine, lice removal with Scope, lice removal with Vamousse.  We also offer site head screens and treatments at schools and work .  Don’t stress about lice on furniture, lice at home, lice on clothes, or lice on bedding.  Lice need the human scalp to survive and suck blood and the eggs need the warmth of the head to nest.