Lice and Herbal Remedies

When we talk about herbal remedies we are not referring to popular over the counter products that are full of chemicals and sold at stores such as RID and NIX. There are a number of herbal remedies available on the market for treating head lice. These product generally are non-chemical, non-pesticides that use natural ingredients such as natural oils. These include things like tea tree oil, coconut oil, and lavender peppermint. Products like this are usually essential oil based and these products that are not regulated by the FDA but you can typically get them online or in stores. Herbal remedies do have varying degrees of efficacy against lice and some are used to kill head lice. Some are used as repellents so make sure if you are looking for a herbal remedy that you do some research online and look up what the the key ingredients of the product are and understand whether they’re effective as a killing agent or as a repellent. Another thing you should understand is that these products have little or no effect against the lice eggs as it is very difficult for the any product to penetrate through the lice egg shell. So is using herbal remedies to try to end your head lice infestation, they often require a second or even third treatment over 7-10 days after the lice eggs have had a chance to hatch so you can catch the hatched lice and hopefully kill those with your herbal ingredient.